Here are a few of the many questions we receive every day at Monadnock Mountain Spring Water.

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Where is the source of our water and is it tested?

Monadnock Spring Water derives from our own Wilton, New Hampshire property. Our spring water is tested daily by our own quality control staff. Also once a week samples are examined by a state certified laboratory. Our water exceeds all state and federal guidelines and is Kosher.

How is our water treated?

All spring water passes through activated charcoal and sediment filters. Then an ozonation process takes place to kill any potential bacteria that could be present. The water is then stored in a stainless steel silo ready for bottling.

How much does it cost to have water delivered?

Initial start-up of service is comprised of the first month's dispenser rental plus the cost of water plus the cost of deposits and any other incidentals (i.e. cups).

How often can deliveries be made?

Deliveries are made on a 4-week or 2-week basis.

How much water will we need?

A home with 4 people will probably use 2-3 five gallon bottles a month;
An office of 12 people 5-6 five-gallon bottles a month.

Is there a contract?

There is a 1 year dispenser rental commitment (i.e. hot & cold cooler @ 8.00 per month) 8 * 12 = $96.00 commitment.

How are payments handled?

HOMES: Initial installation of dispenser and water products is payable upon receipt of order via MasterCard or Visa or Debit card. Following installation, your account will automatically be billed monthly based on usage.

BUSINESS: Initial installation of dispensers and water products is payable upon receipt. Subsequent deliveries and rental charges will be billed monthly and paid within 30 days.

How long has Monadnock Mountain Spring Water been in business?

We have been in Wilton, New Hampshire since 1987.

8 Mansur Rd | PO Box 518 | Wilton, NH 03086 | P: 603.654.2728 | F: 603.654.5306